Workshops on

  • Polypropylene and its Applications for investors, managers, and operators

Consulting and workshops on

  • Polypropylene structure / properties relations and product design
  • managing quality in the Polypropylene industry
  • managing product portfolio and product change-over in the Polypropylene industry
  • BOPP plant operation and plant management
  • selecting raw materials (base resins, top-layer, masterbatches) for PP film applications - especially for BOPP film
  • strategies for root-cause analysis for BOPP operation and maintenance teams

Support in

  • designing the set-up, supervising the commissioning, and start-up of BOPP lines
  • design and selection of equipment for up-speeding and adding new functionalities into existing BOPP lines

Consulting on

  • up-grading the product portfolio in Polypropylene film (especially BOPP) operations
  • application and product design in the Polypropylene film (especially BOPP) industry
  • BOPP line assessment, debottle-necking, up-grading