About BO/PP C&C

BO/PP Consulting & Coaching has been founded to provide independent expertise to the plastics and plastics film industries based on more than 30 years of technical and management experience in product development, production and maintenance management, plant up-grading, and resin procurement with leaders in the industry, a broad combination of experience not quite common in the resin and plastic film industries.

Our track record

  • Developing Polypropylene resin grades for Extrusion (BOPP and Cast PP Film, Raffia and Fibre) and Injection Moulding for Packaging (incl. pharmaceutical packaging and consumer products, homo-, random, and impact co-polymers)
  • Coaching management, operators, and sales people on Polypropylene resin grades, structure / properties relation, quality assurance, and applications
  • Providing Marketing and Tech Service support to Polypropylene manufacturers in places including China, Thailand, India, Arabia, Russia, and Americas
  • Developing methods to select PP resin grades for BOPP manufacturing based exclusively on resin lab testing, proven in identifying saving potentials in Raw Material purchase of 4% of the budget within 1 year
  • Developing BOPP film grades for both standard and specialty packaging & label applications
  • Managing a multi-national, four continent R&D team
  • Creating low investment technology for up-grading BOPP lines for higher speeds and/or surface modification
  • Managing a 3-line BOPP film production plant, improving and stabilising quality and productivity by about 15%
  • Up-grading of BOPP production lines from 3-layer to 5-layers
  • Post-merger / Turn-around management in BOPP production, identifying potential for a 5% increase in out-put and 8% in EBITDA by creatively optimizing product assignment to a portfolio of 14 lines at 5 sites without major investments
  • Developing continuous radical polymerisation technology for in-line polymerisation / extrusion of MMA (methyl methacrylate) to PMMA
  • Adapting Clean Room technology for manufacturing PMMA fibres designed for short-range data communication

Currently, our special focus is on Polypropylene resin and Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film. A network of partners adds to the range of our own capabilities.