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“… why certain combinations of skin and core formula work on one line, but not another?

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… how to comply with demands for products made from sustainable resin without disrupting manufacturing efficiency?

… how to balance apparently incompatible specifications for high-performance IML film most effectively?

… how to broaden the range of inks suitable for BoPP, and enhance and prolong printability as well as adhesive anchorage?

... how to accomplish a next-generation ultra-high barrier metallized BoPP film?

... how to increase out-put of BoPP lines limited by heat transfer in MDO or TDO?

... how to make transparent BoPP film with ultra-high oxygen barrier

... how to make use of special offers base resin, i.e. resins for making tape, by tuning their stretch properties?

... how to avoid unintended static charging of, e.g., IML film most effectively?

… what a poor control of the thicknessof individual layers may imply and how to check?

... how to make metallized film of brilliant appearance?

... how best to control costs of making matt film?

... why surface tension of metallized film occasionally drops to levels incompatible with printing and how to fix it?

... why it is so difficult to provide consistent slip properties in standard coex film?

... how to ensure highest quality standards in standard coex manufacture?

... how to identify suitable base resin before spending money on plant trials?

... how to make high-shrink tobacco film?


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