Have you ever asked yourself ...

...why it is so difficult to provide consistent slip properties in standard coex film?

Food contact regulations limit the range of chemicals to select from to modify the properties of plastic articles. Chemical agents modifying the slip properties may serve as an example to point out these limitations:
- Siloxanes provide good slip properties but interfere with printing, sealing, and metallizing in general
- Certain anti-blocking agents provide acceptable slip properties on their own or may at least be used as slip synergists but require a close control of the top layer thickness and –last but not least– are fairly expensive.
- So-called migratory additives like traditional amide slip agents tend to delay in performance occasionally.
Possibilities to control electro-static charging are even more limited. All systems compatible with the orientation process (and Food Contact Regulations) are migratory in nature and require exposure to a certain level of moisture to perform as required. This makes testing for anti-static properties fairly difficult in a typical Q-lab and the necessary conditioning of the film adds to the working capital costs.
For this, most BOPP manufacturers tend to add such additives generously, wasting money and, even worse, lay the seed for developing a "cloudy" and "greasy" appearance known as blooming and potential interference with the adhesion of metal layers (barrier film), printing inks, and adhesives. Optimizing additive incorporation is required.

... we know how!


Extending BO/PP C+C's Range of Services:

Dear Client

It's our pleasure to inform you that Dr. Andreas Spang has joined forces with BO/PP C+C as a partner adding broad experience and knowledge in engineering in general and in the field of BOPP line maintenance and up-grading in particular.
Andreas has been trained at the prestigious Technical University at Kaiserslautern, Germany, holding a master degree ("Diploma") in Electrical Engineering specializing in process control and automation.
Andreas started working for and in the plastic film industry at the times of his PhD thesis on remote gauge measurement. This is also when he made himself familiar with the conditions and peculiarities of proper web winding.
Since then for most of his career he has been responsible for de-bottlenecking and up-grading of BOPP lines -Brueckner, DMT (now Andritz), and Dornier- including design, implementation, and integration of new equipment as project manager and Head of the Engineering Department. Among the tasks he has worked on have been the development of new maintenance concepts and the implementation of SAP ERP software. He has also taken responsibility as Procurement Manager.
Now with Andreas on board BO/PP C+C is able to support you as a BOPP manufacturer in the whole range of tasks you may be forced to deal with, from raw material selection and sourcing, via product development, production management, coaching on lean management and root cause analysis, and maintenance management, all the way to assessment, de-bottlenecking, and up-grading of existing lines including selection, design, procurement, and implementation of new equipment.


Gerhard Wieners
BO/PP Consulting & Coaching

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