Have you ever asked yourself ...

... how to increase out-put of BoPP lines limited by heat transfer in MDO or TDO?

The out-put and capabilities of BOPP lines is often limited by the amount of heat you can transfer to the film to make it ductile enough for efficient and safe stretching. The most obvious solution, adding to the number of heat transfer rollers before MDO or to the length of the pre-heat zone in the TDO oven will hardly ever work for a simple reason: No space, or, if you were to add to them, there wouldn't be enough space for operators and engineers to do their work during start-up, breaks or maintenance.
Another problem associated with limitations in heat transfer is a pronounced differential in mechanical properties between web centre and edge. A revamp of heat transfer nozzles or up-grade of the air blowers would require a maintenance stop of several weeks and is, thus, no option.
If only there were equipment that you could move in an out as required or if you could make use of the ample space on the side of MDO and oven entry or if technology were available that selectively compensated local deficiencies in heating power – or is there?

We know there is ...


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